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Georgia’s been responsible for plenty of great sludge bands over the years and I think it’s definitely time to add Savagist to that list. […] Unlike most bands that simply create this heavy Earth shattering sound and stop there, Savagist proves to be much more interesting.

Chris Dahlberg – Transcending Obscurity

Hands Of Despair nous livre là une offrande absolument magistrale de maîtrise. […] Chaque titre offre une ambiance différente, ce qui donne une seule envie à la fin de l’écoute: y retourner.

Christophe Szpajdel – Shoot Me Again

Bereft est un album d’exception et Hands Of Despair n’a rien à envier aux grands groupes de death/black/doom metal européens.

Maxime Pagé –

Rhino’s Latitude Ø is atmospheric, and entrancing, but with plenty of weight and the kind of contrast between earth-rumbling physicality and phantasmagoric spookiness that pulls you in, and drags you under. Dismal and despairing music that will get heads moving.

Islander – No Clean Singing

A few years down the line, if they stay this course, Woccon could develop into one of the strongest Death/Doom bands to come out of American soil.

Rosy Finch is a band who you want to stay around forever. They’re the sort of band cults grow up around […]. Get this band into your life as soon as you can.

Martyn Coppack – Echoes and Dust

[Hereafter] is well worth your time though, you just have to like badass Metal to get into it! 8/10.

I´d recommend this to people who appreciate extensive grand atmospheres. There´s some Agalloch in there mixed with Cult Of Luna and Isis, if you want band references. Promising debut! 7/10.

Bereft // Hands of Despair - Bereft
  1. Bereft // Hands of Despair - Bereft
  2. Sleeper // Hands of Despair - Bereft
  3. Reborn // Hands of Despair - Bereft
  4. Rabid Decomposer // Savagist - Invisible Birth of Death
  5. Fangs That Drip Venom // Savagist - Invisible Birth of Death