Gaul Empire's history redrawn & revisited in music

Catuvolcus is a Canadian Extreme Metal band hailing from Warwick, Quebec.The four piece, formed in 2007 by Pierre-Alexandre Plessix features Maxime Côté, Etienne Gallo and Dominic Forest Lapointe. 

The entity’s influences and texts are deeply rooted in historical themes that drastically differ from their genre counterparts’. The History of the Gaul empire is redrawn, revisited and sung once again.

A leap back to a culture, a bygone era, revived through texts interpreted in French that creates the perfect balance between festive hymns and aggressive anthems.

Music steeped in history, that’s it ! We play Metal, that’s all !


Pierre-Alexandre Plessix
Maxime Côté
Lead Guitar/Vocals
Étienne Gallo
– Member of Augury Talamyus
Dominic “Forest” Lapointe
– Member of Augury & Teramobil; ex-member of Beyond Creation


Catuvolcus - Voyageurs de l'Aubeicon-downloadicon-download
  1. Voyageurs des Brumes part I // Catuvolcus - Voyageurs de l'Aube
  2. Voyageurs des Brumes part II // Catuvolcus - Voyageurs de l'Aube
  3. Ressacs de l’âme // Catuvolcus - Voyageurs de l'Aube
  4. Thrill of the Struggle (Woods of Ypres cover) // Catuvolcus - Voyageurs de l'Aube
Catuvolcus - Gergoviaicon-download
  1. Elaver // Catuvolcus - Gergovia
  2. Par monts et par vaux // Catuvolcus - Gergovia
  3. La colline de Chanturge // Catuvolcus - Gergovia
  4. Litaviccos // Catuvolcus - Gergovia
  5. Impetus // Catuvolcus - Gergovia
  6. Aux portes de l’Oppidum // Catuvolcus - Gergovia
  7. Recueil d’Opprobres // Catuvolcus - Gergovia
  8. À la poursuite des vents // Catuvolcus - Gergovia
  9. Elaver II // Catuvolcus - Gergovia

Latest News

Catuvolcus is calling it quits

Needless to say this is particularly sad news for us. We are beyond proud to have had the opportunity to work with Catuvolcus and wish... Read More
January 2014

Catuvolcus’ new album

Hot off the heels of their critically acclaimed 2012 release “Gergovia”, Catuvolcus is set to release their most accomplished and technical workout to date. Backed... Read More
September 2013
Black and Endless // Savagist - Invisible Birth of Death
  1. Black and Endless // Savagist - Invisible Birth of Death
  2. Jörmungand // Talamyus - Honour Is Our Code, Death Is the Reward
  3. Nine Nights (Odin’s Sacrifice) // Talamyus - Honour Is Our Code, Death Is the Reward
  4. Rabid Decomposer // Savagist - Invisible Birth of Death
  5. Veil // Hands of Despair - Bereft
  6. Nourishment for Larval // Savagist - Invisible Birth of Death
  7. Bereft // Hands of Despair - Bereft
  8. Void // Hands of Despair - Bereft
  9. Reborn // Hands of Despair - Bereft
  10. Sleeper // Hands of Despair - Bereft
  11. Fangs That Drip Venom // Savagist - Invisible Birth of Death
  12. I Bow to No Man // Talamyus - Honour Is Our Code, Death Is the Reward
  13. Blood Eagle // Talamyus - Honour Is Our Code, Death Is the Reward